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Briquettes made with 100% recycled material from the annual pruning of organic-certified olive trees and from olive pits and pulp resulting after pressing. 100% environmentally friendly production methods without chemicals: the best green fire experience.

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Olivette is an innovative line of products made from organic desert olive trees that perfectly suits the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. Smart choices, attention to health and respect for the environment are contained in Olivette products made from 100 percent upcycled material. Branches from the annual pruning of certified organic olive trees, olive pits and pulp obtained from pressing. 100% environmentally friendly and produced without chemicals. Here are the organic products you need!

Why is Olivette sustainable and gentle?

Olivette is a perfect example of the circular economy. Nothing gets wasted: the briquettes and the horticultural are made exclusively by upcycling branches from the annual pruning mixed with olive pits and pulp after pressing olives from the harvest. These upcycled materials are assembled through an eco-friendly production method. Compared to traditional horticultural coal and charcoal briquettes, Olivette produces 30% less carbon monoxide.


Made out exclusively by the upcycling of branches from the annual pruning mixed with olive pits and pulp for a sustainable combustion.


100% environmentally friendly production methods without chemicals.


30% less carbon monoxide than traditional charcoal.

Atlas Olive Oils circular economy

Every year, if we used Olivette instead of the same quantity of traditional charcoal from wild trees pulling from forests we would save the Planet by


less waste kg produced


less Co2 kg in the athmosphere


saved trees

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The gardeners of the desert

Atlas Olive Oils is a family farming business, renowned worldwide for its premium quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils. The Aqallal family has been planting and nurturing olive trees for 4 generations since 1887. It is one of the most important estates of Morocco: 1’200’000 olive trees covering an area of over 1000 Ha of arid land in the Moroccan desert. Today Atlas Olive Oils is known in the kingdom of Morocco for its excellence in both sustainability and quality. Our extra virgin olive oil expresses the best of Moroccan culinary culture to the world, the launch of green briquette completes the sustainable ecological vision of the company.